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Announcing Full DLP integration into Chrome Enterprise Browser

Symantec DLP is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Symantec DLP is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended - this means our solution integrates with the Chrome Browser in a way that meets Google’s high technical standards.  Chrome Enterprise Recommended is a program created to help enterprises find technologies that make working on the web and in the cloud even better.  As part of this work, Symantec has jointly developed with Google a new Chrome API integration for Symantec Endpoint DLP so that Chrome users in a customer’s organization can now receive DLP protection. 

Why is this important?  Chrome has a well deserved reputation for speed, stability and security and customers want to ensure it fits into their wider security system, of which Symantec DLP is an important part.  The new integration means that customers can apply DLP detection and protection policies directly into Chrome, eliminating any gaps in protection. Because this integration uses a Google supported interface, customers can be confident that whenever the Chrome browser or DLP Endpoint agent is updated, there will be no risk of instability. In addition, the Google interface allows DLP Endpoint to offer additional DLP controls that are not available with browser extensions.

The integration enables customers to:

  • Apply DLP monitoring and controls to file uploads
  • Monitor content being pasted into the browser (e.g. using Copy and Paste commands or shortcuts)
  • Control print actions taken in the browser

Whenever data triggers a DLP policy, corrective actions can be applied automatically (such as  alerting the user or blocking the action).

The integration is open to all customers using Symantec Endpoint DLP 16.0.1 (Release Update 1) which has been available since early September.  You can read more about the Release Update here.

You can find out more about our Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution and the integration in this blog written by the Chrome Enterprise team. You can also watch a video that describes the integration. We would like to thank the engineering and product team at Chrome Enterprise for their partnership in reaching this innovative milestone.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits this offers, please contact your Symantec account representative or authorized partner.

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