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5 Reasons to Install IPS Everywhere

Symantec Endpoint IPS technology stopped 4.3 billion attacks in 2023

Most endpoint security vendors do not offer network-based protection on the client, or the server. So, is it an important technology? Can it really offer significant additional protection for our customers? When we compiled our protection statistics for 2023 on the threats we blocked, the evidence of the power of our network-based protection (IPS) is overwhelming. The answer is yes, IPS is important. Symantec has two decades of investment in IPS technology for desktops, laptops, and servers. Over the years, we’ve created a stable and high-performance IPS technology for our endpoint solutions  that protects against a wide array of threats. In fact, the IPS protection data from 2023 make five powerful arguments as to why IPS is the key component of Symantec Endpoint Protection and should be run everywhere.

  1. IPS stops attacks before they reach your client or server. With IPS, attacks are not detected on your machines, they are stopped before they get onto your machines. This means IPS users were protected from threats without alerts to the SOC – and without a need to clean up. This happened 4.3 billion times in 2023.

  2. IPS Protects Servers. It's not just desktops and laptops; IPS protects all the systems in your entire network ecosystem. 668 million attacks against servers were stopped by IPS in 2023.  

  3. IPS Provides Proactive Defense. IPS prevents the exploitation of vulnerabilities by attackers. Threats are stopped even before the malware is identified. 4 billion such attempts were shut down in 2023.

  4. IPS Provides Browser Protection. Threats come in all forms, and IPS extends its shield to your browsing experience. Its browser extensions blocked 160 million web attacks, including malicious redirects, cryptojacking, and scams. Think of it as an invisible safety net for your end users browsing.

  5. IPS Is Irreplaceable. IPS is responsible for 96% of all threat detections made by SEP

If you’re not running Symantec Endpoint Protection you’re missing out on the single best protection technology available for endpoints today. If you are running SEP, make sure you're taking advantage of everything IPS has to offer. This includes:

  • Browser protection: Let IPS protect the browsing experience of your end users.
  • IPS for desktops and servers: No device should be without this great technology.
  • Audit Logs: Discover potential threats and turn audit signatures into blocking ones for enhanced protection.

IPS is not just a technology; it's a silent promise of security. Embrace its power and watch your endpoint protection reach new heights of resilience. With IPS, the future of your network is one of quiet confidence, knowing you're protected from the shadows.

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