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Innovation Investments Paying Dividends

What Symantec has delivered to customers in 2024 (so far)

We’ve made no secret of the fact that Symantec reinvests more than 20% of revenue back into R&D. What does that really mean for customers? The proof is in our roadmaps and in the software we deliver every quarter. So what have we done for you lately? Here’s a short roundup of what we delivered so far in 2024.

Championing ZTNA & DLP

Symantec has long been a champion of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). DLP integration is a must for ZTNA.  If you have our DLP and are looking for a SASE solution you need ZTNA integration.  We have it.  And in the last quarter we furthered ZTNA integration with DLP

In the last quarter we also released a new approach to streamlining the administration of ZTNA.  and Our Agent Traffic Manager now makes it easy to gradually roll out new capacities including ZTNA. In addition, we’ve launched new ZTNA device-compliant rules.

Securing SASE

Symantec’s partnership with VMware is even stronger now that VMware is part of the Broadcom family. The last quarter brought a great example of how the partnership benefits customers with the release of  VMware VeloCloud SASE™, secured by Symantec. Our first collaboration simplifies operations by automatically connecting VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN branch users to the nearest Symantec Enterprise Cloud POP for security enforcement. 

Protecting the Endpoint

The ransomware threat continues to evolve.  Symantec Endpoint Security has evolved, too. Adaptive Protection provides a new approach to stopping the latest attack techniques. In the last quarter Adaptive Protection has been enhanced to give customers greater control in customizing their protection against Living off the Land attacks.

Delivering SymantecAI

While AI has been used by Symantec for close to a decade to identify new and unknown threats, two new features showcase our investment in GenAI with human readable incident summaries in our Endpoint Cloud Analytics feature and a chatbot to answer questions on Endpoint support. EDR keeps getting better too, with new granular controls, allowing customers to create their own incident adaptations for incidents being triggered by a known benign activity.

Expanding DLP

Last year we helped customers solve new use cases around protecting data loss via unauthorized GenAI usage.  We’ve continued to extend how we support cloud apps in a way that brings multiple layers of protection.  For example, our extended support for GitHub in CloudSOC perfectly compliments the added detection we provide to identify access tokens, secrets and certificate tokens in DLP 16 RU1 (which may be inadvertently posted to GitHub).  We have also extended Risk Analytics visibility to CloudSOC, building on the powerful Information Centric Analytics capabilities available in DLP Core.

The integration between DLP and other systems is highly valued by customers, ensuring DLP can truly embed into their way of working. We have just recently extended our integration with Google Cloud, and if you are attending RSA, stop by to learn more about our integration with Seclore Rights Management.

Enhancing Platform Capabilities

The modern SOC has a variety of API to collect and ingest data.  That’s a problem.  It’s time consuming and expensive to support all these APIs.  Symantec Enterprise Cloud is about simplifying management.  And in the last quarter Symantec introduced our initial support of Kafka, a streaming platform that allows an industry standard way of exporting data. Cloud SWG events can now be streamed and additional support is on the way. 

We’ve also enhanced what our agent can do. The Symantec Enterprise Agent knows a lot about the health of a device, information that can be shared with network solutions to better determine access policies for a particular application. Now, the same agent that redirects traffic to private applications includes the Device Posture data to enable better decision-making. This helps our platform apply fine-grained controls to manage access by risky devices. If a user’s device doesn’t meet an organization’s device security criteria, policy can now restrict risky access to private applications. 

And More To Come

The threat landscape constantly changes. Our innovation is key to keeping  our customers safe. And we deliver it every quarter. If you’d like more details, or to talk with us about the next quarter, visit us at RSA 2024, North Hall Booth 6164.  

And you can also find out more about Symantec and Carbon Black joining forces in the new Enterprise Security Group at Broadcom.  

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