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Carbon Black: Here To Stay and Stronger Than Ever

Change hasn’t diluted Carbon Black’s potency–in fact, just the opposite.

Even most security providers often fail to understand just how quickly the cybersecurity landscape can evolve. Those that have successfully navigated technological leaps, shifting customer demands and intensified attack efforts know that standing still is not an option. At Carbon Black, we understand this better than anyone. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, the old adage of “kick us while we’re down” no longer applies. 

We’ve weathered monumental changes in recent years, all while keeping customer-focused innovation as our North Star. And here we are in our latest (and greatest) form, resilient, unwavering and evolving to protect and prioritize our customers and partners above all else.

A never-ending revolution of innovation

Innovation is and always has been the lifeblood of Carbon Black. Alongside Symantec, we comprise Broadcom’s newly formed Enterprise Security Group, committed to redefining what’s possible in cybersecurity. Bolstered by Symantec’s equally relentless team of stalwart experts, we are developing new solutions in our complimentary portfolios to meet the ever-changing threats our customers face.

And the industry is paying attention. 

  • A quarter of the Fortune 100 rely on Carbon Black’s technology and expertise.
  • Carbon Black was recently recognized as an XDR leader by Frost & Sullivan.
  • We recently generated a stir at RSAC Conference 2024 by spotlighting a host of proven intel, effective techniques and acclaimed solutions aimed at combating ransomware. 
  • Forrester research into The Total Economic Impact Of Carbon Black, determined that a composite customer realized a total ROI of 427% over three years using Carbon Black, while also reducing the risk of a large-scale data breach by 40%.
  • While they were at it, Forrester conducted another Total Economic Impact study of Carbon Black App Control, finding that a composite Carbon Black App Control customer realized an ROI of 207% over two years while saving 1,500 hours annually from end-user support, diagnosis, and re-imaging machines.

Whether it’s advanced threat detection, application security or endpoint protection, you’ll find Carbon Black at the forefront of the industry, delivering tools and technologies that safeguard people and businesses. How many security organizations can say that they spend more than 20% of their revenue on R&D? Very few. We’re proud to be among them. 

Customers and partners remain front and center

Our customers and partners remain our number one priority. We understand that our success is intertwined with theirs, and we are dedicated to supporting them every step of the way. Through ongoing communication, long-established feedback loops and a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide the best possible experience and outcomes. 

Our partnerships are built on trust and mutual success, and we are constantly finding new ways to strengthen these relationships. At this very moment, we are reinventing our go-to-market strategy to be even more partner-centric. So stay tuned. 

More resolute than ever

The challenges we’ve faced over the last decade have only made us more resolute in our mission. Each trial or perceived setback is another notch in our belt, yielding valuable insights and lessons learned. And as part of the Enterprise Security Group, we gain even more wisdom, capabilities and expertise from Symantec, an award-winning leader in the cybersecurity space.

Symantec and Carbon Black now represent one of the broadest security portfolios available today, backed by one of the largest civilian threat intelligence networks on the planet, offering more solutions for our customer’s most critical use cases. Side-by-side with Symantec, we are more resolved than ever and ready for whatever comes next.

The future is bright

As we look ahead at the known and the unknown, we have a clear vision for a secure digital world. And we are more determined than ever to make it a reality. 

Carbon Black is here to stay, stronger and more innovative than ever. We thank our customers and partners for their continued trust and support, and we look forward to achieving great things together.

Join us on this journey. Together, we’re unstoppable.

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About the Author

Monica White

Chief Marketing Officer, Enterprise Security Group, Broadcom

Monica White is Chief Marketing Officer for Broadcom’s Enterprise Security Group, which offers cybersecurity solutions from Symantec and Carbon Black. She has spent more than two decades in cybersecurity working to make the world safer and more secure.

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