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Symantec Web Protection Video Playlist: Helping Cross the Bridge to Cloud Security

Providing a data-centric SASE solution

A simple refresh of Symantec ProxySG appliances can open the door to exciting new features and unmatched cloud security. To help Broadcom Software’s Symantec customers get full value from our new capabilities, we’ve developed a growing YouTube playlist of short videos that highlight key features and show you just how easy they are to implement. Symantec Web Protection, our new, hybrid-enabled Secure Web Gateway (SWG), allows organizations to move to the cloud at their own pace, taking all of SWG’s trusted capabilities with them.

Symantec Web Protection uniquely delivers all the components as outlined by Gartner for a data-centric SASE solution, including Secure Web Gateway, Remote Browser Isolation, Comprehensive Threat Intelligence, Application Visibility & Control, Advanced Content Inspection, Reverse Proxy, Cloud Firewall Service and much more. To get started learning about the new features we suggest customers start with a few of the videos below. 

  • Cloud SWG: Enabling Decryption for Full Visibility – See how easy it is to enable full decryption in Symantec Cloud SWG for full visibility and inspection of all web and application traffic.
  • Setting up Initial Policy – Set up initial policy for the content filtering feature in Symantec Cloud SWG. Understand your options for simple modification and customization of policy rules.
  • High Risk Isolation for Edge SWG – When your on-premises SWG identifies a site with a risk level of 5 or higher, or an uncategorized site, send traffic to Symantec Web Isolation (remote browser isolation) for a safe and uninterrupted browsing experience. This feature is available in Symantec Web Protection for on-premises proxies running SGOS V7.3+.
  • Symantec Cloud SWG: Selective Intercept – Lighten your on-premises proxy's load by selectively sending traffic to Symantec’s Cloud SWG for inspection. Move traffic to the cloud as you see fit and at your own pace.

Check out the rest of the playlist, subscribe and add it to your bookmarks. We’ll continue to add short, informative videos to help you get the most out of Symantec Web Protection.

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