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Driving Customer Success with Symantec Support

Symantec Support unveils a new site that makes it easier and more intuitive for customers to find what they need and any help they want

I am thrilled to share with you the news that the new Symantec Support website,, is now live and ready to help our customers worldwide achieve even greater success. More than two years in the making, the new site offers a simple, intuitive place for our customers to find and get the support they are looking for.

The new site dramatically transforms the look and feel of our online support portal. The changes significantly improve the design, readability, and overall user experience of the site. Most important, the site is specifically designed to help our customers get to where they need to go the first time.

The new Symantec Support website,, is now live and ready to help our customers worldwide achieve even greater success.

Our “Getting Started” link is now the first thing customers see when they visit the site. It is prominently displayed like a banner headline, front-and-center across the top of the support front page. It provides an instant navigation tool to guide our customers to where they want to go.

The “Getting Started” experience is now integrated into every aspect of the support experience. It allows our customers to drill into more specific product content directly from the site’s overview sections. First time customers, renewing customers, and customers who have purchased additional products can now all find the level of information they need from one place, simply and intuitively. 

Perhaps, and to my mind, equally important, we made our support site fully responsive for all mobile devices. Now, every part of the site is easy to access, fully visible and functional, and easy to use from any device, anywhere, any time.

Easier to Read and Use

But that’s only just the beginning. We updated the design of the site to make it more visually appealing. The new site boasts a new, modern, clean and simple look and feel that puts it firmly in alignment and consistent with the style and brand guidelines of

A huge customer benefit of the new design is how easy it is to read. We changed all the colors, fonts, and other text and formatting elements to support the latest research and consensus on accessibility guidelines. Customers will no longer be distracted or confused by conflicting fonts, colors, dead ends pages, or “walls of text.” The changes make the content easier to digest and understand, and ensures the elimination of a disjointed user experience.

Another key benefit is how we have built in intuitive navigation with clear calls to action on every page. The new site is organized by the most typical customer actions:

  • Current Issues
  • How to Guides
  • Get Started

In addition, the most common actions are now available from all points on the site. We have put Search and Contact Us in the header of every single page -- not just on the Home page. We have made common customer tasks easier to get to from anywhere—including the 80 percent of our visitors who arrive at our site through other search engines.

We are treating each of these articles – and all of our support site pages -- as pseudo-landing pages. No matter where they land, visitors to any page on our site will discover Search and Contact Us links on their pages to help them further on their way.

Designed for Our Customers First

The new look and navigational ease of use is a direct extension of our customer feedback. At Symantec, we are relentless in our commitment to fiercely listen to our customers. We understand how important support is to their success. And we are proud that our commitment to this ideal was recognized just recently with the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) “Rated Outstanding, Global Assisted & Self-Support” certification.

Our new website contributes significant value to our award-winning support by making it easy for customers to access our support solutions.

We listened to our customer feedback at every step of the design process. Every action we took was data driven, from direct customer interviews, focus group testing, and direct data we captured from Google and other platforms.

Our new website contributes significant value to our award-winning support by making it easy for customers to access our support solutions.

This combined feedback drove every aspect of our decision-making. As a captain of our design team said to me, “In virtually every respect, our new site is designed for the customer first, and not for Symantec first.”

In closing, I would like to add that it is important for you – our customers – to keep providing us with your feedback so that we can drive continuous improvements. Our goal is to continue to provide the best possible support the best ways possible.

As our interim CEO, Rick Hill notes, there is a direct link from customer support to customer success. Everything we do needs to be intuitive and organized around what our customers need to do to achieve that goal.

 You are our partner in that great goal. And we thank you for your involvement. I invite you to tour our site now. And I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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