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Broadcom Software Honored With First Ever Google Cloud DevOps Award

A partnership that is optimizing for the future

We are very proud to share with you the news that Broadcom Software has received a Google Cloud DevOps Award for 2022, demonstrating how our partnership with Google Cloud has helped our dev teams modernize their processes across our portfolio. Our partnership continues to show significant benefits, and this work has resulted in substantial benefits to our customers, including: faster delivery of products, standardized security practices and tools, and improved compliance criteria.

Google Cloud has been a trusted partner in Broadcom Software’s digital transformation journey and we’re honored that they’ve recognized our business transformation and operational excellence. This award builds on the strategic partnership we announced last year to deliver Broadcom’s security and enterprise software portfolio via Google Cloud’s trusted global infrastructure.

Google Cloud DevOps Award

The Google Cloud DevOps Award celebrates the hard work of DevOps teams around the world and was presented at Google Cloud’s Strengthening your DevOps Muscle event on April 7, 2022. Our team was recognized for our work implementing a common IaaS and Kubernetes Platform, common DevOps tooling, DevOps practices and a common CI/CD Pipeline.

At Broadcom Software our DevOps philosophy is that DevOps is a culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, improves efficiency, productivity and eliminates friction across Development and Operations teams. It is a combination of processes and the right toolset that enables us to deliver quality and secure code with high velocity.

Key Objectives Achieved with Google Cloud

This DevOps project allowed Broadcom Software to achieve multiple wins to benefit multiple software divisions, including:

  • The ability to deploy anytime, anywhere using the common CD pipeline, enabling faster delivery of products with no manual intervention. On average we are deploying 6500+ times across multiple environments in a day. Developers are able to get more incremental changes faster to their customers.
  • We were able to move out of 60 different data centers all over the world into 27 Google Cloud Regions and points of presence for a significant reduction in infrastructure.
  • Adoption of containers and a standard GKE based Platform with features like node and pod autoscaling, helped optimize resources significantly.
  • The overall number of people to run SaaS has been reduced by 70% due to standardization, allowing focus on new innovation projects across the team.

Broadcom Software and Google Cloud

We partnered with Google Cloud to ensure that we could deliver our cloud-first software with speed, scale, and efficiency. We are building a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading business-critical software that modernizes, optimizes, and protects the world’s most complex hybrid environments, and Google Cloud is a trusted partner on this journey. The Google Cloud DevOps Award is further affirmation of our partnership and the great things to come for our customers and the industry.

To learn more about how Broadcom Software can help you modernize, optimize and protect your enterprise business, contact us here.

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About the Author

Ganesh Janakiraman

Head, Platform Engineering, Broadcom Software

As the head of Platform Engineering for Broadcom Software, Ganesh is a Senior Development and Operations (DevOps) leader with strong technology and SaaS focus and experience in managing large global teams.

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