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SymantecAI chatbot speeds support for Symantec Endpoint Security users

When you buy furniture today, you're given a diagram and an allen wrench - then you're on your own. Luckily, this is not the case with Symantec Endpoint Security (SES).  In contrast, SES comes with a large set of detailed documentation so customers have everything they need -  they are not on their own. Due to the ongoing transformation of our products with SymantecAI, customers have fast and easy access to whatever they need to keep systems secure and running smoothly. The new Generative AI-powered chatbot provides immediate assistance to Symantec Endpoint Security users.

In SES, SymantecAI drives a virtual agent that uses Generative AI to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. The SymantecAI chatbot is available 24/7 through the Symantec Endpoint Security portal, so you can get help whenever you need it.

SymantecAI is trained on a vast knowledge base of Symantec Endpoint Security documentation and support articles, so you can be confident that the information it provides is accurate and reliable.

With the SymantecAI chatbot you simply type your question into the chat window and SymantecAI will generate a response. The SymantecAI chatbot is easy to use.

Opening SymantecAI ChatBot
Opening SymantecAI ChatBot

SymantecAI can answer a wide range of questions about Symantec Endpoint Security, including:

  • What's new in ransomware protection?
  • What is adaptive protection?
  • What are the supported kernels for Linux?

The SymantecAI chatbot retains context, so you can ask follow up questions as well. 

Asking a follow-up question in SymantecAI ChatBot
Asking a follow-up question in SymantecAI ChatBot

SymantecAI will always answer with a short summary and a link to more information. It will be able to understand a follow up question and answer it with the right information and context. Whatever your journey as an administrator, SymantecAI is there to help.

Start Using SymantecAI Today

To use the SymantecAI chatbot, simply log in to the Symantec Endpoint Security cloud console at the following URL: and click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen to start a chat session.

SymantecAI chatbot is a valuable new resource for Symantec Endpoint Security users. It provides fast, efficient, and accurate support, whenever you need it. To learn more about how the SymantecAI chatbot works, please visit our demo here, or ask the chatbot.

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