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SymantecAI: Now Enriched by Google Vertex AI

New partnership simplifies and streamlines enterprise security

Generative AI has created a social awakening to new business capabilities that few outside of IT had imagined. What’s more, an accelerated adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and use cases are inspiring IT teams to push the envelope of what’s next. Whether those teams are new to AI, or are like the Symantec team, who began embedding AI and machine learning (ML) into solutions more than a decade ago, it’s an exciting time to be innovating and driving value from AI technologies. 

While Generative AI is exciting, cybersecurity professionals must ultimately remain focused on the basic principles of eliminating threats and protecting data. And when the security technology changes, they know that the vendor partnerships they make today will impact their security long into the future. They need to be assured that someone else isn’t building a better mousetrap that will make their decisions look bad. Consequently, they are eager to know that their security partners deeply understand AI technologies and have plans to take full advantage of its potential to create security solutions. A long history of successful innovation isn’t enough, they want to know “What’s next?”.

Symantec by Broadcom, is introducing new capabilities to SymantecAI - our advanced suite of security solutions powered by AI technologies. Taking advantage of our strong relationship with the Google Cloud team, SymantecAI has tapped into the power of Google Vertex AI, a machine learning platform that greatly extends Symantec’s AI-powered security portfolio. With our Google partnership, the best of AI is coupled with the best of security intelligence and controls. Our new capabilities make our customers, enterprise cybersecurity professionals, far more effective and efficient at their jobs. Threat hunters will gain attack prediction capabilities with actionable recommendations. Network teams can use data to optimize the deployment of their Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. Security Administrators will quickly write better policy rules. And everyone will benefit from getting faster access to the specific content they need for operations, research, and troubleshooting. 

New Security Use Cases 

SymantecAI is an advanced suite of security and productivity solutions powered by AI technologies that increases security by simplifying the analysis and remediation of threats, ensuring better data protection, and streamlining security operations. Customers who adopt these capabilities will realize clear and tangible benefits across a wide array of security use cases:

  • Security Response teams will quickly get detailed threat descriptions, script file analysis and binary file analysis for selected content.

  • Threat Hunters will better predict the next attack chain steps, get quick incident summaries and proactive guidance for adaptive features.  

  • Network teams will see content policy language (CPL) policy summarization for their Secure Web Gateways while gaining assistance to either compose or optimize rules, while enjoying a natural language interface for reporting. 

  • Email Security will leverage SymantecAI to enhance effectiveness by using AI for tuning as well as leverage it for quicker and enhanced analysis on submissions.

  • Web Isolation will enable script analysis to understand if downloaded scripts are malicious and provide actionable insight to customers.

  • ZTNA will benefit from faster ZTNA deployments with modeling suggestions based on VPN logs, Layer3 logs, organizational structure from ldP/Active Directory.

  • Endpoint customers will have an AI assistant to summarize, prioritize, incidents and events. SymantecAI will also help them detect problematic policy rules. 

  • DLP Innovation Lab will use AI/ML for data classification such as Source code, Tax, Legal and financial documents for better out of the box data classification.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASBwill be enhanced by SymantecAI to detect and recommend remediations for security posture issues and automate Gatelet generation.

  • Symantec Enterprise Cloud Platform A technical knowledge interactive AI chatbot will be invoked from product consoles. Source data includes technical documentation, user guides, knowledge bases, etc. 

This is just a shortlist of what we’re working on in our continued commitment to embedding AI technologies.

Our partnership with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform

Symantec has a long and successful relationship with the Google Cloud team and our engineers have done extensive work together to train the cybersecurity-specific Large Language Model, called SecPaLM 2, on all of Symantec schema and formats used to store security events and incidents, without exposing actual events or customer data. This enables us to deliver new functionality in Symantec products that automatically and quickly analyzes and describes the impact of customer security events, and proposes specific remediation steps, all in plain English. 

The Google Cloud partnership helps SymantecAI deliver an entirely new set of Generative AI-powered tools that help Threat Hunter teams to more rapidly and accurately analyze suspicious files submitted by our customers. Team resources will be much more efficient and react to threats much faster as these tools can quickly determine if a file is clean or malicious, as well as provide a detailed explanation of exactly what the file does, for both script files and binaries. This improves the speed and accuracy of customized threat analysis that we deliver to our enterprise customers daily.     

SymantecAI is built upon a rich history of innovation and our customers should take comfort that our development teams not only have a deep understanding of what’s possible, but we also have the vision, know-how and experience to bring it to life in a secure and effective way. That’s why enterprises with an eye on the future choose Symantec. To learn more, read the Symantec position paper: AI, Automation and Cybersecurity.   

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