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Symantec Named the Best Cross-Platform Endpoint Protection of 2020

AV-TEST independent lab also places Symantec in the coveted top spot for the Endurance Award

The prestigious AV-TEST Institute recognized Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) as the Best Protection available for cross platform endpoint protection in 2020. Symantec, as a division of Broadcom, was the only vendor to place at the top of the protection tests across all platforms: Windows, macOS, and mobile.

AV-TEST Institute also developed a new test which puts products through rigorous real-world-testing to measure their endurance in a demanding enterprise environment. This test measures products across three important categories: Protection, Performance, and Usability. Symantec earned perfect scores for each of the three categories.

16 Security Solutions for Corporate Users – in a 6-Month Endurance Test
16 Security Solutions for Corporate Users – in a 6-Month Endurance Test


Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST, explained, "Symantec clearly demonstrates what outstanding protection for corporate products should look like. Regardless of whether the enterprise uses Windows, MacOS, or mobile, with 'Symantec Endpoint Security Complete' companies can rely on security packages that received top scores across OSs. Symantec also has perfect scores on all three categories of the 6 month Enterprise Endurance test which measures products across Protection, Performance, and Usability." 

We, at Symantec, are very proud of these results, and are pleased  to help our customers during what has been a very difficult economic period in 2020.  The past year was very challenging for companies all over the world, bringing large disruptions to the normal flow of business. The shift to remote work accelerated many trends we’ve seen in modern enterprises, including the growth of other OSs like macOS and the proliferation of mobile devices being used for work. Our customers often cite these changes as some of their main areas of concern, and we are proud to provide protection for any OS and win the best cross-platform award.

Symantec is committed to providing the best protection and performance regardless of which devices our customers use. We participate in rigorous 3rd party assessments like the ones conducted by AV-TEST to gather continuous feedback on how to further improve our products and to help our customers cut through the clutter when evaluating the efficacy of competitive solutions. While many vendors claim they offer cross-platform protection, these very same vendors refuse to participate in 3rd party testing of their products.

Symantec is committed to providing the best protection and performance regardless of which devices our customers use.

While it’s easy to claim protection parity, 3rd party testing helps confirm that there are large gaps between competitors and Symantec. For example, when looking at the Enterprise Endurance tests, McAfee suffered in performance while VMware Carbon Black saw hits across all three categories. In regards to Multi-Platform coverage, neither company participated in all three OS tests. Other players like CrowdStrike were notable in their absence across all of the tests.

Broadcom’s multi-billion-dollar annual R&D investment speaks volumes about the strong foundation that underlies Symantec’s ability to innovate technologically. Symantec solutions continue to stay one step ahead of threats and ensure our customers are protected. With this powerful backing, we are able to build upon our cloud analytics, expert machine learning and customer focus to remain on top of the changing threat landscape. We are more than pleased that AV-TEST recognizes our passion, our security expertise and our competence.

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Domingo Guerra

Head of Endpoint Security GTM, Symantec, a division of Broadcom

Domingo is focused on setting the product strategy for Endpoint Security. He is the former President and founder of Appthority, acquired by Symantec.

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