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Am I Protected?

Celebrating the anniversary of the Symantec Protection Bulletin

Am I protected? This is not an unreasonable question to ask your security vendor.  But is it an easy question to find the answer? Sure, security vendors, including Symantec, have blogs and white papers talking about recent threats.  And they are invaluable. 

But they don’t tell you about threats that are mere hours old.  The ones that just hit someone else in your industry, or country, or the hardware or software that you own. They don’t have the answer to the threat your boss asked you about.

At Symantec, we get these questions all the time, and we are happy to answer. But should you have to ask?  And what about brand new threats your boss didn’t yet ask about?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know about them before they do?

That’s why three years ago this week we created the Symantec Protection Bulletin.  Am I protected?  We’ve answered that question more than 2000 times in those three years. 

The Protection Bulletin answered the question on threats to Windows, macOS, Linux and Unix-based, Mobile, and Servers. 

The Protection Bulletin answered the question on Email-based threats, Web-based threats, Phishing threats, info stealers, Remote Access Trojans (RATs), bots, and a myriad of other online threats

The Protection Bulletin answered the question on vulnerabilities (353 times), phishing (241 times), mobile threats (189 times), Advanced Persistent Threats (159 times), Data Center Security (51 times) and region-specific issues.  (Japan only 38 times).

The Protection Bulletin answered the question on threats using machine learning (687 times), network-based threats (533 times), email-related threats (432 times), and of course ransomware (404 times).

And in November 2022, we expanded the scope of the Protection Bulletin by including something we call Protection Highlights. These bulletins are specially designed to not only answer the question of Am I protected, but to provide education on our proactive protections against new, unknown threats and offer insights into the Symantec Enterprise Cloud platform and underlying technologies that prevented these attacks.

Am I protected?  Symantec Enterprise Cloud provides the protection. The Symantec Protection Bulletin shows you how.  And if you want to know the details visit the Protection Bulletin.

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Joe Chen

VP Engineering, Symantec Enterprise Division

Joe is the Vice President of Engineering at Symantec, a Division of Broadcom. He leads the core engineering and the global Symantec security response organization. In this role, he oversees all research, development and security operations.

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