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Extend DLP Policies to Home-Grown Apps

Help your developers shift left and codify data protection

Containers and microservices technologies have transformed how organizations develop new services offering substantial benefits such as portability, agility, resilience, and elasticity. These benefits allow home-grown applications to be re-architected or new integrations to be built to third-party services.

Great for your developers, but what about data protection? 

Consider, for example, an application you develop for your employees to enroll and adjust their benefits. Such applications can have tens of supporting microservices that may receive and process sensitive, personal and intellectual property which, left unchecked, introduces new risks. 

It can be a hard way to navigate this complex landscape but there is a path forward, enabling developers to Shift Left and integrate the power of data loss protection into their private applications. 

Extending Data Protection with the Symantec DLP Detection REST API

Symantec DLP Detection REST API allows your application developers to easily extend your current Symantec DLP policies in their applications. Whether it's the migration of applications across microservices, the modernization of home-grown applications, or adoption of hosted environments, our solution decouples the protocol from the detection functionality.

Figure 1: DLP Detection REST API provides an easy connection between your application and Symantec DLP
Figure 1: DLP Detection REST API provides an easy connection between your application and Symantec DLP

Empowering Developers with Data-Aware Applications

The Detection REST API (See Figure 1) puts the power and flexibility of Symantec DLP policies into the hands of your developers. By designing applications with built-in, data-aware Symantec DLP capabilities, developers can ensure that data protection decisions happen before transferring data between microservices, sending emails, or storing data in a data lake. All your developers need to do is add functionality to their applications to perform REST API requests, receive a verdict based on policies, and implement the appropriate actions. You have the flexibility to manage your infrastructure. Or if you prefer, we can handle it for you in the Cloud Detection Server (CDS). You can manage your own on-premises REST API Appliance locally, or use Symantec’s Cloud Detection Service to handle detection requests.

By making our detection technology available as an API, Symantec allows your organization to blend the power of our expertise in data security with the uniqueness of your application and compliance needs. You will be able to have unprecedented visibility and understanding of how information is being created and transformed by your applications. 

What this means for you 

Symantec DLP offers a range of use cases to cater to diverse data protection needs:

  • Safely use multiple GenAI services simultaneously by creating your prompt-engineering client
  • Add data awareness to your CI/CD pipelines
  • Protect sensitive data generated by home-grown applications
  • Conduct comprehensive data assessments during Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes before sending data to a data lake
  • Gain visibility and control over complex microservices applications

Shift left today 

Work with Symantec to empower your organization with industry-leading data loss prevention capabilities. Symantec can help you navigate the complexities of data protection, allowing your organization to shift left by extending the robust safeguards of Symantec DLP to either home-grown or third-party applications that steer your digital transformation journey.

Developers can continue building powerful applications with unprecedented safeguards to secure your information. You can confidently use sensitive data-aware detection to build response mechanisms tailored to the uniqueness of your applications. 

For more information and to learn more, please visit here.

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