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Simplifying Cybersecurity Platform Complexity

Streamlining and simplifying SOC operations with unified events and schema


It is something organizations want to avoid and work hard to minimize.  And yet complexity can arise over time.  Incremental decisions and focused efforts to optimize in one area can lead to complexity for other groups and systems. This is never more true than in SOC operations.

CISOs and SOC Managers rely on a myriad of security tools, each with their own data formats, event types, and integration approaches.  Individual decisions that made sense in the context of one goal, like optimization for threat hunting scenarios, led to deployment of multiple tools. In turn, multiple tools made the tasks around integration, data aggregation, data availability, and compliance difficult and complex. And complexity equals costs.

To reduce complexity, a security platform must be optimized to streamline security events from multiple tools. By providing a foundation for streamlined data flows and standardized event schemas, a security platform can ease critical security tasks, including

  • Threat detection and threat hunting
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
  • Manual and automated remediation activities
  • Regulatory compliance

To accomplish this, established standards like OCSF are critical. They provide a common language for security events, overcoming the burdens of API-based integrations.  However, there is much more that can be done to address the barriers to data acquisition and eliminate burdensome integration tasks.

Our recent white paper explains how security teams can simplify and streamline SOC operations by overcoming the limitations of API-based integrations and details how event streaming and event schema standards deliver scalability and flexibility.

Read the White Paper “Beyond the API

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David Berman

Director, Product Marketing for Platform and Partnerships

David Berman is Director of Product Marketing for Platform and Partnerships at Symantec. David leads Symantec’s effort to enable an integrated cybersecurity ecosystem supporting open standards, shared intelligence and simplified operations.

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