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Symantec and Bay Dynamics: Two Tech Leaders Under One Roof

The investment in Symantec Enterprise Division continues

Our enterprise customers just got a lot safer.

Late last year, Symantec’s parent company Broadcom acquired Bay Dynamics, a step that further bolstered the ability of our industry-leading data protection technology to help protect our customers’ vital information.

Bay makes software that lets businesses quickly spot threats to their information by offering automatic prioritization and clear visualization of any users and entities that might represent threats. The company’s Risk Fabric analytics platform gives businesses a central point of behavioral analytics to help protect and defend their data from malicious attacks.

But the partnership between the companies, which stretches back years, represents the culmination of a close and productive collaboration. In fact, Bay was one of a handful of Elite partners participating in the Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program, whose select roster had automated access to Symantec’s wide range of cyber security products and data streams.

But the partnership between the companies, which stretches back years, represents the culmination of a close and productive collaboration.

Now that expertise will be more directly integrated into Symantec’s broad product portfolio, particularly its Integrated Cyber Defense platform which includes: Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, Encryption Solutions and more.

This acquisition was motivated by a desire to ensure that customers continue to have the best possible experience with Symantec’s information security products. As Broadcom continues to invest in Symantec Enterprise Division, we also wanted to help customers who relied on Bay to provide threat analysis. By taking this technology in house, we’ve guaranteed that this asset will receive sufficient future investment. It now clears the way for us to adopt a more integrated approach than was possible when we were separate organizations. In doing so, we’re able to help Bay’s big customers think about the broader contours of an integrated cyber defense vision that draws on the two companies’ combined strengths.

Let’s take a closer look:


The success of Data Loss Prevention – from deployment of accurate policies to targeted investigation and response – is critical to today’s modern enterprise, given the sheer complexity of Information Protection within the context of today’s evolving requirements. In directly aligning with Symantec’s information centric security approach, Bay Dynamics has a proven track record of helping customers translate the massive potential of DLP into prioritized, targeted visualizations, actions and workflows that enable organizations to simplify and operationalize information security. By optimizing investigation of DLP incident and alert data in this fashion, Bay Dynamics allows organizations to realize the desired impact of information security faster and more consistently, enabling broader DLP deployment— all while increasing maturity and decreasing overall time to value.


Bay Dynamics was an early adopter of Symantec's Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, providing innovative solutions with cohesive analytics across Symantec's DLP, Endpoint Protection, and Web Security capabilities to detect threats and focus breach prevention efforts where they will have the greatest impact, on-premise and in the cloud.

Zero Trust 

The acquisition of Bay Dynamics also furthers Broadcom's commitment to Zero Trust security.  Bay Dynamic's analytics, context, and ability to remediate issues as they map to behavior and the threat activity's kill chain position will be powerful new capabilities in Symantec's Zero Trust platform. 

Our goal boils down to a single pursuit: Provide customers with great outcomes. And Bay’s technology provides a great outcome to customers.  

If you don’t have these capabilities in house and so struggle achieving a strong compliance and security posture, the good news is that it’s within reach. Talk to your account manager to learn how to buy one integrated solution to give you comprehensive analytics – and peace of mind.

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Rob Greer

Vice President and General Manager, Symantec Enterprise Division

Rob Greer is Vice President and General Manager of the Symantec Enterprise Division at Broadcom (SED). In this role, he is responsible for the go-to-market, product management, product development and cloud service delivery functions.

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Ryan Stolte

CTO, Information Security Group

Ryan is focused on providing innovative solutions to identify and mitigate data breaches and insider threats as part of the Symantec Enterprise Division. He was the co-founder and CTO of Bay Dynamics, acquired by Broadcom.

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