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Broadcom Software and Braxton-Grant Technologies: A Recipe For Success

The Broadcom Software Knights continue to provide value to the enterprise

Aileen Hudspeth has been a Broadcom Software Knight since 2013. That means she’s uniquely positioned to help our customers with security hardware and software challenges. Hudspeth is a cyber security engineer/architect with Maryland-based Braxton-Grant Technologies and has 20 years of experience in the IT trenches.

“I’m a technology translator, integrator and fixer,” she says.

Braxton-Grant is a woman-owned, small business that consults with federal and state agencies and private companies on cutting edge cybersecurity and networking solutions. The company provides hardware and software solutions, installation, implementation, testing, support, monitoring, system management and training services. Hudspeth has supported both small and large networks in the financial, healthcare, and state and local government sectors as well as the federal intelligence community and defense agencies.

“We have multi-vendor experience, and we can support customers that need to migrate to Broadcom platforms,” explains Hudspeth. She has deep familiarity with SOPHOS, Gigamon, Okta, CyberArk, and most extensively with Broadcom Software, for whom she has provided expert-level support for more than 30 products in the company’s portfolio. Hudspeth is also well versed in the management of Microsoft Exchange and Virtual Machines, as well as the installation of AVAYA and CISCO IP telephony. And she has mastery of assets and license management, network architecture, LAN/WAN optimization and systems administration.

But wait, there’s more. Hudspeth also specializes in creating customized training curricula for clients.

It’s no accident that Aileen is a Knight. We only choose the most experienced and gifted technologists for the program so our customers can rest easy when choosing a consultant with whom to work. Knights must pass a rigorous training and exam schedule for certification. Knights also receive up-to-the-minute sales and presales information on Broadcom products, sometimes even before our own sales force.

Being a Broadcom Knight establishes that when I'm presenting and communicating there is historical precedent to what I'm discussing; such as my training and education along with my engagements with customers over the years.  This puts the customer at ease and they realize that a Knight is the unique combination of a support engineer, a DSE (Designated Support Engineer), and an SE (Systems Engineer); a new take on a Trusted Advisor with an architect mindset. - Aileen Kara Hudspeth, Braxton-Grant Technologies

Hudspeth has achieved accreditation in Broadcom’s Web Security Services, Proxy SG and ASG, CloudSOC CASB and Web Isolation platforms. “I’m there to make things happy for our customer,” she says. “I’m a closer – and I can work under pressure to resolve problems.”

In support of Braxton-Grant's global work, Hudspeth has been contracted to troubleshoot in Canada, Panama and Europe. Hudspeth led a complex project for one customer requiring assistance with a global deployment of Management Center, Proxy SG, Web Security Services, Content Analysis and Sandboxing, CloudSOC, and Data Loss Prevention. “They needed help with how to build it. In 40 hours, I delivered what they had spent 700 hours trying to complete,” Hudspeth says. “We broke it down into consumable chunks.”

Aileen’s goal is to become a trusted advisor. Sometimes that means cutting to the chase. “We have to make the hard decision to break down the facts for our customers if their system or architecture is poorly implemented,” she says. “We give them the pros and cons.” It’s all about troubleshooting. Plus, there’s an advantage to being a 3rd-party expert – management tends to pay more attention to her advice. “Sometimes we come in and validate what other IT engineers on staff are saying – or gave up saying – because no one would listen.”

Hudspeth is one of 25 Broadcom Software Knights. Knights are deeply integrated into our product and engineering development cycles, but they are also technology agnostic and work with many software platforms, not just ours.

When you need the best, call a Broadcom Software Knight. For more information visit us here.

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