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Beware of Fake Symantec Blog

Be aware it is attempting to spread OSX.proton malware

A malicious website has been discovered that mirrors Symantec blog content, attempting to spread OSX.proton malware by tricking readers into clicking on infected pages.

The website, located at symantecblog[dot]com, points readers to fake security software described as the “Symantec Malware Detector” that claims to detect and remove infections caused by a new variant of the CoinThief malware.

Users who click on the link download OSX.Proton, which is a Trojan horse that opens a backdoor, steals information, and downloads potentially malicious files onto the user’s computer.

Symantec’s legal and brand protection team is aware of the situation and working toward a resolution. Symantec has added detections for OSX.Proton to Norton and Symantec products.



Information on OSX.Proton : Click here to learn more.


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Amy L Johnson

Symantec Senior Marketing Mgr.

Amy is a Symantec employee who has spent her 25+ year career in technology. She is a primary contact for this blog platform.

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