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From IDC: Rethinking Customer Relationships for Broadcom's Acquisition of VMware

Driving a Strategic Partnership

A recently published IDC Market Note, Rethinking Customer Relationships for Broadcom's Acquisition of VMware*, shares insights on how Broadcom and VMware customers should think about their relationship moving forward.  

Key Takeaways from IDC:

  • Customers and partners should not assume that prior practices applied to the former CA Technologies and Symantec Enterprise Security organizations will be applied to the current VMware organization.  VMware is unique when compared to those two assets. 

  • While there may be changes to VMware’s business functions upon closure, a focus on growth and customer demands will be core to decision making in the combined company. 
  • Customers and partners that make opinion-based decisions using incorrect assumptions face losing the potential growth advantages that the combined portfolio offers. 
  • Over the long term, the success and growth of Broadcom’s software business will hinge heavily on the continued success of VMware’s current product and ecosystem.

Broadcom and VMware customers should double down on their relationships with these vendors by focusing on communications, product planning and roadmaps, with a move towards a strategic business partnership.
- Stephen Elliot, IDC

According to IDC, “A deal of this size and magnitude requires a plethora of decision making across every business function to optimize successful outcomes; at this point no one knows exactly what will happen when the deal closes.  What’s important as a customer is to understand that VMware is significantly different than past Broadcom software acquisitions (i.e. CA Technologies and Symantec Enterprise Security).”  The report goes on to recommend that businesses make sure they are considering the public facts communicated from Broadcom and VMware that are shaping the deal as they make their decisions about either vendor.

We encourage you to read the full report here.

*IDC, Rethinking Customer Relationships for Broadcom's Acquisition of VMware: Using Facts to Drive a Strategic Partnership, August 2022, DOC# US49568722

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