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HCL and Symantec Consulting: Accelerating the Security Transformation

HCL’s incorporation of Symantec Enterprise Division consulting services creates greater value and enables enhanced security for customers

Enterprise security just became a lot easier for customers to manage, navigate and ultimately transform.

This is the key message security leaders should take away from the recent announcement that Symantec Enterprise's, a division of Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO), consulting services has joined HCL Technologies. Our new alliance offers the better of two possible worlds to legacy and new customers of Broadcom/Symantec Enterprise, and HCL Technologies.

The new organization marries the Symantec consulting team’s deep technical expertise, insight, and history deploying Symantec’s security products with solutions from HCL’s deep industry expertise, global footprint, and history serving customers across many different verticals across the Enterprise.

It’s a combination that offers our customers a robust pathway toward transforming their security environments and moving their security programs up the maturity curve.

The alliance is central to the announcement that HCL and Broadcom are expanding on the global services partnership the two companies signed in 2018. As part of that partnership expansion, the majority of Broadcom’s CA Technologies enterprise consulting moved to the center of excellence, Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies. Today, the Symantec consulting personnel with expertise across Endpoint Security, Web Security Services, Cloud Security, and Data Security will join the same team to provide more complete capabilities to our customers.

A Classic “Win-Win”

The additional expertise and expanded capabilities that Symantec Global Consulting brings to HCL assures customers who are challenged by today’s complex operating environments that they have a partner who understands these challenges and has the ability to solve them. Simply put: no organization has more of a technical connection to Symantec security products and how to make them work together than Symantec Global Consulting. The new association creates a classic “win-win” scenario for HCL Technologies, Symantec, and all of our legacy, new, and future customers.

With this shift of Symantec Global Consulting to HCL, Broadcom creates an organization with the deepest and longest experience in working with Symantec products. It brings to HCL the expert team that was the consulting vendor with the closest and tightest ties to Symantec Support, R&D, Engineering, and Product Management. We further complement the existing security practice at Enterprise Studio.

As part of HCL, none of that changes. We remain the preferred consulting team and, as such, we will still have the closest ties into Symantec, both organically, because of our team’s long standing prior relationships, and structurally, because of the preferred vendor agreement, enhanced support access, and engagement with Symantec and Broadcom leadership. It also means that our customers can be assured that HCL will also have tight relationships and escalation paths into support. When we deploy new technologies for you, we will be able to leverage our deep deployment experience and our enhanced working relationship to improve time-to-value, help you transform your security environment, and improve your security maturity.

With this shift of Symantec Global Consulting to HCL, Broadcom creates an organization with the deepest and longest experience in working with Symantec products.

But that’s just part of the value proposition. In addition to getting the technologies to work, I know that many of you are at the point where you also have to think about how you’re going to get these technologies to all fit together. In other words, to understand how the overall security program works, including aspects like planning out the lifecycle and the maturity of the different elements of your security program so they all work together well.

At Symantec, we have the ability of integrating our own security technology; and with our Integrated Cyber Defense architecture we support third-party integrations. But now, as part of HCL, we have a much bigger box of tools to pull from, including technology expertise that we didn’t have access to before like enterprise resource planning (ERP), computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), messaging technologies, IOT/Embedded security, and managed services.

So now, when we offer our customers a solution, we have the people and methodologies to answer all of your needs, thus allowing us to help you transform your security environment.

An Enhanced Level of Accountability

So, what does the new alignment ultimately mean for you, our customers? I see it as bringing together the deep vertical expertise of Symantec in enterprise security with the wide horizontal expertise of HCL’s vast bench of industry verticals. Looked at from a business perspective, it allows us to offer a combination of technical and horizontal skills that only a large systems integrator (SI) can provide. It assures you that we have the expertise to help you build, maintain and evolve the right security program for your enterprise—now, and for years to come.

Like you, we at Symantec Global Consulting are in it for the long haul. The connection of Symantec consulting services to HCL demonstrates that Broadcom is likewise committed to Symantec’s Enterprise Security products and solutions and customers for the long-term.

Looked at from a business perspective, it allows us to offer a combination of technical and horizontal skills that only a large systems integrator (SI) can provide.

In the current economic environment, the need to improve operational efficiency and get the most out of your team requires product integration, process integration, automation, and creative thinking.

We understand that being your preferred services provider demands of us an enhanced level of accountability and expertise. We embrace that demand and seize that commitment.

In closing, I’d like to personally invite you to contact us at Symantec Global Consulting to talk about your unique business and cyber security concerns. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your enterprise and look forward to answering any questions or discussing any issues you may have. Contact us

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