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Expert Advantage: The Broadcom Software Advantage Partner Program

Accelerate the time to value of your Broadcom Software with expert partners for you

At Broadcom Software, we realize the pandemic changed the way the world works. And across the globe, enterprises are transforming their organizations to keep pace. A McKinsey survey reports that nearly 85 percent of executives say their organizations have accelerated their digital initiatives since March, 2020.

By now, it’s almost a cliché to repeat the benefits to the enterprise of business transformation: increased agility, improved productivity, data-driven insights, and enhanced customer experience are just a few that spring easily to mind.

But challenges abound.

As necessary as it is, digital transformation is both complex and difficult. An oft-quoted Harvard Business Review study concluded that as much as 60-70 percent of all change initiatives fail for one reason or another. The fact is that change is difficult for any organization. A recent Gartner report highlights that more than 70 percent of change-affected employees suffer higher stress levels and that five percent perform poorly as a result. Major software lifts only exacerbate these challenges.

Pain Points

There is always an element of doubt or uncertainty when doing a major software implementation or upgrade to meet business objectives. That uncertainty only grows for enterprises considering large-scale business transformation.

A considerable problem is the lack of staffing and technical or program management expertise. The Great Resignation has led to a personnel gap in the necessary expertise and in-the-trenches experience that is needed, even if only for a short time, for a software implementation, upgrade or large business transformation. Indeed, a 2022 survey of IT leaders confirms that the lack of skill sets and talent on staff is the top barrier towards achieving their enterprise’s digital transformation goals.

A second challenge is simply the need to keep pace with technology to remain competitive. Expertise and real-world experience are essential for organizations doing software implementations to maximize the value in their technology investments. Experience and expertise that is vitally necessary to help enterprises avoid all the pitfalls and valleys where they can stumble in what is always a complex process. Just as important is ability to look over the horizon at new technology and balance the tried and true against potential game changing technology to garner the best results without being on the bleeding edge. You must assess the risk and potential reward of technology adoption within the chasm of technology that is constantly changing.

Our Mission: Your Advantage

Broadcom Software provides a new approach to software delivery. Each Broadcom Software customer is unique and operates at a different scale with new and different challenges every day. We see these challenges as an impetus for change—a new approach to software delivery that is focused on addressing your unique needs through a true design partnership. 

That’s why we created an industry leading and innovative approach to partnership – with the Expert Advantage Partner Program. The program provides professional services through a super-powered ecosystem that combines Broadcom Software’s own professional services team with our best partners around the world. Our Expert Advantage Consulting Services Partners, bring their knowledge of local markets as well as the skill sets, experience, and expertise organizations of all sizes need to navigate even the thorniest technology challenges.

Together, our professional services teams provide a force-multiplier that super-charges better business results and outcomes – while allowing enterprises to avoid the problems and pitfalls so typical of any software upgrade, implementation, or deployment. It ensures that enterprises receive the maximum value out of their technology investments. Working together, we’ve created a frictionless model designed to build solutions that deliver – and exceed -- on customer expectations. It maximizes positive business outcomes through mutual support, collaboration, co-innovation, and co-investment in new technology services.

Secure Your Advantage

Anyone who needs an upgrade, finds themselves short-staffed due to the “Great Resignation,” or simply needs assistance with the implementation or delivery of their software, our Experts have you covered.

Ready to Secure Your Advantage?  Find your Expert by visiting:

* * * 

I invite you to stay tuned for the next edition in this series about the Broadcom Software Expert Advantage Partner program. In coming weeks and months, we will focus on real-world customer profiles of organizations who have benefited from the program.

Next up is a case study of how the United State Air Force and Infolock, an Expert Advantage Partner, drove a solution that involved a technological tour-de-force with our DLP product. There’s a lot of facets to this story and I assure you, you won’t want to miss it.

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