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Broadcom Announces Expert Advantage Partner Program

Driving superior customer value and successful outcomes at every stage of the journey

Today’s leading multinational companies face a daunting task: continue to innovate, deliver powerful customer experiences, accelerate growth through new services, optimize for efficiency, and keep everything protected. Oftentimes executives leading a digital transformation may or may not be engaged with executives who lead cyber security or with executives who lead IT Operations.

Multinational companies with complex hybrid environments need a strategic software partner—not a vendor—who takes an R&D-first approach to developing a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading enterprise software solutions. We recognized this critical need and created a new group focused exclusively on business-critical enterprise solutions for complex environments: Broadcom Software. This new group offers leading solutions for mainframe, cyber and payment security, and enterprise software via a simplified flexible business model designed to scale and meet the needs of the world’s largest multinational companies.

One key to Broadcom ensuring customer success is providing superior services, support, and tools that will help our customers drive pivotal business outcomes and move their business forward. That’s why today, Broadcom Software is announcing our new Expert Advantage Partner Program, built with our customers’ success in mind.  This new services-oriented partner program will ensure that as customers continue their digital transformation and grow their business, we provide customers what is needed throughout the entire lifecycle.

As one of the world’s largest software providers, Broadcom Software realizes that partners are a key tool to assist with customer success. The Expert Advantage Partner Program, as a multi-phase rollout, will benefit both partners and customers around the globe, wherever they are on their digital transformation journey.  Built on an already robust CRN 5-Star awarded Advantage Partner Program, Expert Advantage expands Broadcom Software’s services partner ecosystem – from a single strategic partnership to several strategic partners to ensure we are meeting our customers where they are on their journey.  Some key benefits include:

  • Partners will be highly capable and certified across the globe, allowing for language, location, etc. extending Broadcom’s ability to help customers
  • Partners will be product certified to insure the most up-to-date technology and product knowledge for customers
  • Professional Services will part of the offering to our customers via partners or direct

The Expert Advantage program is an exciting development in Infolock’s strategic relationship with Broadcom Software. By better aligning our service offerings with Broadcom’s sales and go-to-market strategy, customers can expect improved outcomes and increased value from their Broadcom investments.  We look forward to playing a critical role in Broadcom Software’s commitment to customer success.  - Chris Wargo, CISSP, CISA, Managing Partner, Infolock

To make it easy for customers to find a services partner, we will also be introducing an Expert Advantage Partner Finder, a customer-facing search tool that will allow customers to easily find a preferred partner that matches their needs and geography. Simply go to the tool, apply the criteria most important to you, and make the best choice for your software partner.  With the Expert Advantage Partner Finder you will see important partner details such as:

  • Countries
  • Languages
  • Certifications
  • Engagements Completed
  • Service Capabilities
  • Solution Areas
  • Gallery (videos)
  • Key Assets

At Broadcom Software we believe it is important that our customers know that the company they depend on to power their business and drive success through business-critical software, is invested in customer success.  By not only offering the best in class software in the industry, but also a robust partner program we are investing in the future. Remember that daunting task that multinational companies face, where one executive may or may not be engaged with others? It is our partners who help connect the dots—and the executives—inside customer organizations and projects. That’s the value of a strong partner community supported by strong programs. The announcement of our new Expert Advantage Partner Program is the first of many examples of how we plan on continuing to lead the software industry into the future. 

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