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Using Symantec DLP Solutions with Amazon AWS

Aurora demonstrates real world solutions

Migrating Workloads to AWS—How to Protect Your Data with Symantec

Many CISOs are making the switch from their VPN to Amazon AWS because of the complexity of a VPN. Amazon Workspaces can be more secure as it allows the administrator to have more control of the workspaces. By using AWS to access the network, the vulnerabilities of each laptop are minimized. For this reason, the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) has increased the popularity of AWS Workspaces.

How to Make Sure that the Data in Amazon Workspaces is Secure?

CISOs that are using AWS to support remote workers need a solution to build on what they already have. We all know that Data Loss Prevention solutions allow organizations to find and protect sensitive data.  However, there are important considerations to take into account when deciding on the right approach.  The first question we advise our customers to ask is, “Do I need to secure data in AWS, or do I need to secure data everywhere?”

Implementing an AWS only DLP solution can be ineffective as organizations incur budget, time, and resource constraints. It can be inefficient to operate multiple systems and it can cause an increased risk in data loss and policy gaps. That’s where Symantec Data Loss Prevention Solutions (DLP) come in.

Aurora is a Symantec partner, who provides designated Symantec and AWS certified experts. On a recent project, we used Symantec Data Loss Prevention solutions to protect data in motion and data at rest on AWS.

Many CISOs are making the switch from their VPN to Amazon AWS because of the complexity of a VPN.

Many of our customers who are migrating to AWS already have Symantec solutions in their environment. By utilizing existing solutions and integrating them into AWS, we can provide a cost effective and efficient approach to increasing security in the cloud. We worked to extend Symantec DLP to AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and used Symantec CloudSOC to better secure EC2 and EC3.

Symantec DLPs solution is based around a single policy framework, making it easier to extend protection into the cloud, including AWS. Aurora recommends that for achieving enhanced data discovery, a single view of on-premises through to cloud, and simplified operations across the entire data landscape - that customers deploy Symantec DLP.

In short, Symantec Data Loss Prevention solutions were effective in protecting data in AWS because of its maturity. Symantec DLP allowed the customer to protect a wide range of data in motion in a short amount of time, making their security environment stronger.

To learn more about how Symantec DLP can be used to better protect data in the cloud please see our whitepaper: Addressing Cloud Data in AWS Using DLP.

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