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Symantec Is Prepared for Europe's Newest Privacy Regulation

Symantec places the highest priority in complying with the GDPR

The European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable today, May 25, 2018, and I’m pleased to share with you that Symantec has taken the necessary steps to ensure we are prepared.

As Symantec’s EVP, General Counsel and Secretary, I am proud of our GDPR compliance efforts and results. We have expanded our global privacy program to satisfy the GDPR requirements and we have already embarked on the next phase of our journey which is aimed at taking our privacy and data protection capabilities to the next level.

As the world’s leading cyber security company, protecting the privacy and security of our employee, customer, partner and other stakeholder data is of utmost importance to Symantec. In preparation for the GDPR, we have launched new Privacy – GDPR and Customer Trust Portals where you can read about what we are doing as a company to protect your data. Like many other companies, we have enhanced our Global Privacy Statement, European employees’ privacy notice, and created new product notices to not only comply, but to remind us of our commitment to every person or entity that shares their data with us.

As part of our preparation, every Symantec employee across the globe, whether located within the EU or elsewhere, has completed GDPR training to better understand the importance of complying with the new regulation.

Looking ahead, Symantec will continue to align our products and services with the latest legal and regulatory requirements, as well as industry-leading practices. In order to continue developing and improving our privacy program, we have created a privacy governance structure and launched a Privacy Ambassador’s Circle to ensure privacy is considered at all stages of personal data processing.

We have made great strides in preparing for the GDPR, but this is just the beginning of a long-term commitment to you that Symantec will work diligently to protect your data and continue to provide products that uphold this commitment.

As a company, we support laws that underscore the value and importance of keeping information safe. Protecting information is at the heart of what we do here at Symantec and we believe all companies should safeguard customer information to the highest possible standards.

For more information about how Symantec is safeguarding your privacy, visit our Privacy portal.

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Scott Taylor

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Symantec

In addition to managing Symantec's global legal function, Scott manages Symantec's government affairs, public policy, corporate responsibility, philanthropy and ethics and compliance functions.

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